Binaer Platten
Servando Barreiro 2012
60´s picnic turntable
Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx)
Ibm Thinkpad X60
spray paint
diverse donated vinlyl discs
15" flatscreen
Byron microcontroller
white leds.

Binaer platten It´s a system that It could have existed in the past. through the modification/recycling of a 60´s philips `picnic turntable´. This machine it´s now able to read perforated vinyls and display audio and video content that makes a self-reference to the modification process of the turntable plus the creation of the discs.
in addition to this. the user will be able to interact with the program assigned to every disc by modifying the speed of the turntable or also by manipulating the vinyl directly by hand.

Due to the complexity and sensitivity of the reader, eventually, wrong data will be transmitted to the computer. In this case, Instead of implementing a skipping/correcting error system, wrong disc lectures will be pointed and they will have a particular outcome in every disc.