Lately, I'm doing some experiments with laser.

Everything started with my analog synths and a very old oscilloscope attached to a camera. There was no computer at all.. That brought me certain happiness and I'm still doing it this way sometimes.

Now I have three hand made laser projectors (red, green & blue) and I started to experiment with a multichannel soundcard and "puredata" in order to route different signals to the lasers from the computer.

I played this performance in Gdansk (Poland), Galicia, and Berlin (several times).
Soon will be in Utrecht and Ljubjana and maybe also in a shape of interactive installation.

If you are interested in booking this installation, just drop me a line, I'm always happy to perform.

Tech raider for laser performance:

about 2 square meters of space

4 power plugs

minim, 4 channel mono audio mixer with pan pots, equalizer and stereo headphone output.

projection surface (better if thereĀ“s no people between me and this projection surface.)